One of the ways the world economy is being revolutionized is through the use of “big data.” Big data is very large sets of information that, when analyzed, can reveal patterns and trends in almost all areas of life.

We at YourNextTrade are specialized in analysing and optimizing algorithms for trading that can be used to improve your trading performance. The more information you have at your fingerprints, the better you’ll be able to time the market and better execute trades. And smarter trades equal more profit for traders.

Based on all this information we collect, we have build different toolboxes, each with a specific purpose to help you optimize your own trading style.


full trades and is highly reproducible while our Semi-Automated systems will handle only specific parts of the trade such as trailing the StopLoss or opening orders on touches of Trendlines that have to be drawn manually. Each of our algorithms have a lot of parameters that can be customized based on your own trading style.

Trading Panels

  • On chart trading panel
  • Helps in detecting the market trend
  • Indispensable assistant for any trader, regardless of experience
  • Helps you to easily automate your trading system
  • Can work together with ea's
  • Manual and semi-automated trading